Jozef Rebjak

How to deploy a Ceph storage cluster

What is Ceph Ceph is free open-source clustering software that ties together multiple storage servers, each containing large amounts of hard drives. Essentially, Ceph provides object, block and file storage in a single, horizontally scalable cluster, with no single points of failure. A Ceph storage cluster can be easily scaled over time. It may be configured for high-availability by removing single points of failure. It also has many enterprise features including snapshots, thin provisioning, tiering and self-healing capabilities.

Create Your Free Developer Blog Using Hugo

The Role of Hugo After doing some research I decided to use Hugo. Hugo is an open-source static site generator. Static site generators build a web page once, at the moment you’re creating new content or editing it. Static web page give you 100% control over your content and web design. Because Hugo is all about static site, it lacks fewer security issues. There’s nothing to be exploited on the server-side.